A More Beautiful Question

“What am I here for?”

“Why is life so hard?”

“Am I doing what God wants me to do?”

“How do I live boldly for Christ in today’s world?”

These are the tough questions so many women are dealing with as they strive to raise families, run businesses, support friends, care for aging parents, and love their neighbors. But are they the right questions?

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The quality of your question determines the quality of your answer. Questions can inspire or discourage, uplift or depress, clarify or confuse. The great news is, we have total control over the types of questions we ask ourselves, each other, and God. By simply shifting the way we look at our lives, our relationships, and our world, we can change the trajectory of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

In this weekly radio show and podcast, host Lain Ehmann helps women walk out our faith and be the light of the world in our homes, in our churches, in our communities, in our workplaces, and beyond… even when things get messy! 

Topics range from dealing with tough times, supporting and encouraging others, navigating challenging relationships, and how to be the women God wants us to be when we’re exhausted, overcommitted, and underequipped. 

With a good dose of humor, lots of insightful questions, and biblical foundations, Lain tells the truth about what it’s like to be a woman of God in today’s world. Whether you’re in the corner office, at home surrounded by sippy cups and Cheerios, behind the wheel of your minivan, or all of the above on different days, you’ll love each week’s straight talk, wisdom, and laughter. 

Be prepared to be challenged, supported, and loved — right where you are. 

A More Beautiful Question: The Show for Christian Women Living Boldly for God – Mondays, 5pm PT 

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